Featuring House-Made
Pasta and Ravioli!

Authentic, handmade Pasta.

Changes daily, typically includes ravioli, fettuccine and whole-wheat tagliatelli.

real northern Italian cuisine

Like a Tuscan Chop House

"Modeled after a Tuscan chop house."

Everyone who has ever been to Italy has fallen in love with its history, landscapes, art, architecture, and, of course, its FOOD. Each region has its own culinary specialties and own versions of a common Italian dishes.

Fresh Seafood

Organic Pork, Beef & the Freshest Seafood

Northern Italian main courses often reflect the people's pride in their unspoiled countryside, and the meat and dairy production that is native to the area. Reflective of this, our menu features the freshest veal, beef and pork available to us. Just like the coast of Florida, seafood and shellfish are very popular on the Tuscan coastline region.

House Made Italian Desserts

Full Bar & Incredible House-Made Desserts

Discover the multitude of Italy’s selections from hearty red wines, to sweet and fruity dessert wines and sparkling Spumante (champagne-like) for pairing with a perfect meal. And last but not least, "Dolce" (dessert), there is no better way to finish your meal by Dessert!


Weekly Specials

Throughout the year we offer unique wine dinners and various specials revolving around the season's freshest meats, fish and produce:

  • Early Dining Menu from 5-5:30pm just $14
  • House-Made Pasta & Ravioli
  • NEW Bar Menu & Drink Specials Available All Night! (Bar Only)